Academic Articles

Selected Publications

*Marchildon, G.P., T.R. Katapally, C.A. Beck, S. Abonyi, J. Episkenew, P. Pahwa, and J.A. Dosman. 2015. Exploring policy driven systemic inequities leading to differential access to care among Indigenous populations with obstructive sleep apnea in Canada. International Journal for Equity in Health 14(148): DOI: 10.1186/s12939-105-0279-3.

Marchildon, G.P. 2014. Health system leadership and the federal role in Canada. HealthcarePapers, 14(3): 33-38.

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*Marchildon, G.P., and N.C. O’Byrne. 2013. Last province aboard: New Brunswick and national Medicare. Acadiensis 42(1): 150-167

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*Marchildon, G.P. 2011. A house divided: deinstitutionalization, medicare and the Canadian Mental Health Association in Saskatchewan, 1944-1964. Histoire sociale / Social History 44(88): 305-329

*Marchildon, G.P., and K. Schrijvers. 2011. Physician resistance and the forging of public health care: a comparative analysis of doctors’ strikes in Canada and Belgium in the 1960s. Medical History 55(2): 203-222. Awarded Best English-Language Article in Political History by the Canadian Historical Association in 2012.


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