Pan-Canadian Health Reform Analysis Network

Pan-Canadian Health Reform Analysis Network (PHRAN)

In 2011, in concert with like-minded health policy scholars in Canada, PHRAN was established in order to act as a link between the academy and decision-makers. Less than two years later, PHRAN established a new journalĀ in order to encourage new research on health policy reforms in Canada and to disseminate the results in a format useful to both scholars and decision-makers. I was appointed Associate Editor of the new journal and to act as the main liaison with the Health Systems and Policy Monitor (HSPM) established by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies. This allows for summaries of Health Reform Analyses in HRO-ORS to be published on the HSPM platform and through this means to be disseminated to an international audience of health policy decision-makers and scholars.

Health Reform Observer – Observatoire des Reformes de Sante (HRO-ORS)