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Courses and Seminars

Winter 2016 Courses 

PPG1001: The Policy Process, School of Public Policy and Governance (Syllabus)

HAD 6763H: Health Policy Comprehensive Course, Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation (Syllabus)

Previous Graduate Courses Developed and Taught by G.P. Marchildon

Decision Making and Leadership in Health Care Organizations (JSGS – University of Regina)

Health Systems Research Methods (JSGS – University of Regina)

Health Care Organization and Administration (JSGS – University of Regina)

Health Policy (Queen’s University, University of Regina, and University of Saskatchewan)

Public Leadership: Theory and Practice (JSGS – Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan)

Governance and Administration (JSGS – University of Regina)

Research and Writing (JSGS – University of Regina)

Canadian Federalism (JSGS – Universities of Regina and Saskatchewan)

Economic History of the USA (London School of Economics and Political Science)

Economic History of Western Europe, 1815-1945 (SAIS – Johns Hopkins University)

History of Economic Theory (SAIS – Johns Hopkins University)

Evolution of the Canadian Polity (SAIS – Johnson Hopkins University)

Canada-US Trade Relations (SAIS – Johns Hopkins University)

Previous Undergraduate Courses Taught

Canadian Public Administration (University of Regina)

Microeconomics (University of Regina)

Macroeconomics (University of Regina)

Economics of the Justice System (University of Regina)

Previous Executive Education and Training

Conducting Policy Research (Government of Saskatchewan)

Comparative Public Policy (JSGS for Government of Saskatchewan)

How to Write Briefing Notes (Governments of Saskatchewan and Nunavut)

Preparing Cabinet Decision Items (Governments of Saskatchewan and Nunavut)

Preparing health system profiles (Pan-American Health Organization)

Comparative health systems (Governments of Vietnam and Taiwan)

Healthcare system overview (Health Canada, Government of Canada)